Informed Investment Decisions

Realigning investments to deliver better outcomes

Organizations are facing unprecedented demands from customers and other stakeholders to deliver better outcomes, often for less money than was previously available.

Put simply, organisations are having to deliver ‘more with less’

Our investment management transformation approach aligns longer-term investment needs with shorter-term capital and maintenance budget constraints, to deliver the best value to stakeholders. At the core of our approach is the development of a value framework that reflects the different demands being placed on the organization and how these can be expressed in terms of a common currency of value.

Value Frameworks

We help clients to organize their stakeholder demands into a value framework using workshops to determine the relative importance of these different demands and what ‘red lines’ there are in terms of minimum levels of service or risk appetite.

We can transform all aspects of an organization’s asset investment planning approach including people, process, technology and data. Our unique ‘generational approach’ ensures that your solution will be appropriate for the organization’s current level of maturity. We work in partnership with leading technology providers to introduce enterprise Asset Investment Planning systems. And if you are at the early stages of technology adoption, our product-agnostic position means we are best placed to help you select the right technologies to meet your needs.

The AMCL commercial model means our success is directly aligned with our clients’ success so we can operate as a single team with common objectives and a clear business case for undertaking the transformation.

Asset Investment Planning Advisory Services

Helping you Achieve Excellence in Asset Investment Planning

We have developed a range of focused advisory services to help define, shape and accelerate your journey to Asset Investment Planning improvement. The benefits of this approach have been proven with many organizations across the world.

Learn more by downloading our capability statement.

Thought Leadership

Preparing for the PR24 Challenge

AIP Solution Market Study

UIC SAMP Application Guide

Relevant Work

Northumbrian Water Group AMP7 Acceleration Project

NWG needed to decide in a data driven and full-evidenced way what the optimal investment plan needed to be to achieve the best overall performance against regulatory targets but within funding and deliverability constraints. The current process and systems available were not able to fully support this approach.

UK Water Company: Decision Support Assessment & Capability Improvement Road-Mapping 

Decision Support is a broad term used to group the organization’s capabilities that are key for providing information to decision-makers on what, when, why and where to invest in the asset portfolio. The client sought to benchmark against the global peer group and grow its Decision Support Capability.

European Water Company: Asset Investment Planning Capability Improvement

The submission and acceptance by the regulatory stakeholders of the regulatory submissions was the trigger for programs of organizational change in this European Water Company. The Asset Investment Planning (AIP) capability improvement sought to drive incremental enhancement into the preparation of capital investment plans.

Related Services

AMCL’s depth of experience and knowledge have been consolidated into structured methodologies and tools: our templated services. We combine these services to accelerate the delivery of your transformation solution, giving you that vital head start. Templated services that support our ‘Informed Investment Decisions’ solution are as follows:

Diagnostic and Roadmapping

Asset Investment Planning

Asset Intensive Business Operating Model

Delivering Technology Change

Risk Management

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