Asset Management Diagnostic and Roadmap

Asset Management assessment and roadmapping services, including Institute of Asset Management (IAM) endorsed gap analyses and certifications to ISO 55001


“We are under pressure to improve performance and reduce costs through the introduction of Asset Management but we are not sure where to start.”

Catalyst for Change

External stakeholder demands to become certified to ISO 55001 or stakeholders (internal or external) putting pressure on organizations to improve their Asset Management capabilities.

Outcome Delivered

Structured improvement plans (roadmaps) and business cases to improve Asset Management capabilities leading to better outcomes, such as reduced costs, managed risk, and systematic delivery of corporate objectives.


  • The Asset Management Excellence Model (AMEM) is an established assessment tool
  • Benchmark data from over 200 assessments
  • AMCL’s reputation for objective and impartial advice
  • Track record of benefits delivered
  • Endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM)

Project Summaries

Project Summary

AMCL has worked as the Independent Reporter for Asset Management to the UK mainline rail industry since 2006. Over a period of 12 years to 2018, AMCL completed six organization-wide Asset Management assessments using our Asset Management Excellence Model™ (AMEM). These organization-wide assessments enabled:

  • Understanding of Network Rail’s Asset Management capabilities and the tracking of improvements to these over 12 years.
  • The development of a roadmap to guide these improvements.
  • The setting and monitoring of Regulatory targets by the Office for Rail & Road (ORR).

The 2013 Strategic Business Plan assessment helped to underpin Network Rail’s £37bn Control Period 5 submission to the ORR and was repeated in 2018 to underpin the Control Period 6 submission. The assessment also included an ISO 55001 gap analysis to guide Network Rail on what to do to update its PAS 55 certification.

Project Summary

AMCL has been supporting TransGrid, the Sydney electricity transmission owner, for over five years. We were initially selected to provide PAS 55 / ISO 55001 gap analysis assessment and advice that led to TransGrid’s Asset Management System being certified to ISO 55001 in 2014.

Post-certification TransGrid continued on a journey of continual improvement with a focus on better defining and prioritizing risk associated with investment funding. AMCL continued to work with TransGrid, monitoring their improvement plans and the rectification of their minor nonconformities through surveillance visits.

In 2017, TransGrid’s original certification expired, and AMCL was selected to conduct the recertification of their Asset Management System against ISO55001:2014. AMCL was able to successfully leverage our Assessment & Certification Process and the AMEM assessment tool to conduct a full assessment of their Asset Management System, ensuring the key requirements of ISO 55001 were audited in accordance with the IAM’s Endorsed Assessment requirements but also providing assessment focus in areas of the business that required it most. AMCL brought value to the recertification through efficient use of time and through providing defined opportunities for improvement to TransGrid’s Asset Management System that can be managed by TransGrid as part of its continual improvement program.