UK Water Company: Decision Support Assessment & Capability Improvement Road-Mapping 


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This organization is responsible for the asset lifecycle of a significant asset base, including over: 180 raw water reservoir facilities, 80 water treatment works, over 40,000km of treated water main assets over 70,000km of wastewater network assets, 580 wastewater treatment works and more than 2,000 wastewater pumping stations.

Client Challenge

Decision Support is a broad term used to group the organization’s capabilities that are key for providing information to decision-makers on what, when, why and where to invest in the asset portfolio. The client sought to benchmark against the global peer group and grow its Decision Support Capability.

Scope of Work

This definition of Decision Support brings into scope many decision-making processes that occur within an asset-intensive organization, from the identification of investment needs, prioritizing and optimizing the intervention to tracking the delivery of the capital plan, and ensuring the whole portfolio management approach took account for any changes in the plan thereby rebalancing value delivered by the plans.

This organization engaged AMCL to undertake an independent Decision Support Capability Assessment against a subset of the 39 Subjects of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) Asset Management Landscape.

AMCL Solution

We mobilized an assessment team who undertook document reviews, system demonstrations and interviews with a cross-section of the company’s personnel over several weeks using the Asset Management Excellence Model (AMEM™). The model tests the existence, completeness, effectiveness and integration of the Decision Support capabilities and is applicable to any asset intensive organization. The model is periodically recalibrated to ensure the scores required to be ‘excellent’ are based on the current understanding of world-known good practice. Once the assessment was shared, AMCL collaborated with departmental sponsors to generate a logical, fully resource Asset Management Improvement Roadmap. Delivery of the roadmap improvements ensures the whole organization can draw upon a fully embedded Decision Support technology to support decision making, future strategies and the Business Plan submission for future regulatory cycles. The market for technology to support the investment planning process has grown significantly over recent years. Asset Investment Planning solutions offer advanced analytical capabilities such as optimization algorithms used to create high-value Asset Management Plans, and predictive models to support improved forecasting of asset investment needs.

Key Outcomes & Benefits Delivered

The utility sector specifically has seen numerous Asset Investment Planning solutions deployed in the last five years, sometimes replacing legacy modeling platforms, but often as an entirely new system (replacing a Microsoft Word and Excel-driven process). This client will progress in the next 10 years towards a high level of Decision Support maturity so that the regulators and other stakeholders understand the value of the planned interventions and can firmly support them. Immediate benefits of assessment and road-mapping include:

  • A clear view of strengths and opportunities for improvement in the Decision Support capability;
  • Identification of internal areas of excellence;
  • Identification of applicable external good practices;
  • A prioritised list of capability areas requiring improvement that is linked to existing initiatives to maximise potential for an effective change;
  • Tangible evidence to support decisions for enhancing organisational systems, processes and procedures; and
  • Internal and External Stakeholder agreement with the current and future Decision Support capability levels with approval of each point of continual improvement required to satisfy shared future expectations.

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Key Contacts

Matthew McConville

Principal Consultant


Shyam Ramaiya

Senior Consultant


Guy Parker

Director of Digital & Asset Information