European Water Company: Asset Investment Planning Capability Improvement


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This Water company operates water and wastewater assets including treatment plants, pumping stations, reservoirs, and 89,000 km of pipe networks to supply water and wastewater services to 1.6 million homes and 172,000 businesses.​

Client Challenge

The submission and acceptance by the regulatory stakeholders of the regulatory submissions was the trigger for programs of organizational change in this European Water Company. The Asset Investment Planning (AIP) capability improvement sought to drive incremental enhancement into the preparation of capital investment plans. This growth mindset would be driven by technology and better provision of information to help support the planning teams through an enhanced end-to-end Invest to Outcome process.

Scope of Work

This client first commissioned AMCL to use good practice exemplars from across the water sector to develop a ‘future-state’ capability model and technology requirements in order to drive the business case for AIP enhancement.

AMCL was subsequently commissioned to develop a Value Framework to begin to convey ‘common currency’ beyond financial capital within decision making. Additionally, AMCL was asked to develop a proof-of-concept Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) tool as an interim staging point to help evaluate intervention and portfolio decision-making. The MCA was aligned to the Value Framework and in tandem, the tool and the framework provide the company with a solid basis for the information maturity journey required to ensure the planned AIP technology enhancement will be immediately beneficial.

AMCL Solution

AMCL mobilized an experienced team of water sector planning consultants who lead workshops and technology demonstrations to understand the capability landscape within the client more clearly. It was apparent that there were multiple overlapping improvement activities underway, and AMCL’s capability model and technology requirement developments would help augment and realize some of the benefits associated with these other initiatives too.
The capability model and the improvement roadmap that were developed provided the in-house team with the ability to drive improvements to decision-making processes in the short term and with that future state in mind, AMCL was tasked with engaging the leadership opinion on a Value Framework that suited the maturity trajectory of the client. The client acknowledged that to better embed a decision-making shift, they had to first ensure that personnel were comfortable with the approach, and that it is grounded in accessible information that they could immediately connect with.
In tandem with the application of value-based decision-making, AMCL helped the architects of the Invest to Outcome approach by providing a flexible MCA tool which utilized the Value Framework to evaluate intervention as well as portfolio level prioritization. AMCL designed in flexibility to the MCA tool, so that scoring criteria and weighting could all be adjusted as part of the continual improvement approach at the heart of the water company.

Key Outcomes & Benefits Delivered

  • A clear view of strengths and opportunities for improvement in the Asset Investment Planning functions;
  • An improvement roadmap that is anchored in the core values of the company with ambitious outcomes and attainable ‘stepping stone’ improvement activity incorporated;
  • A set of good practice business and functional requirements with recognizable user journeys for personnel to promote effective technology partner engagement activities which is the first step to a great procurement and change implementation;
  • A value framework with space to accommodate the decision-making improvement journey that the organization is committed to;
  • A roadmap of potential improvements that combine the anchored step changes in approach that recognize and then incorporate greater quantification derived from the company’s asset information improvement journey that is concurrently underway; and
  • A proof-of-concept MCA tool that allows personnel to understand the shifting basis for decision making and incorporates the flexibility to allow different teams with their different asset classes to experiment with different evaluation criteria (and supporting asset information).

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Asset Investment

Key Contacts

Matthew McConville

Principal Consultant


Shyam Ramaiya

Senior Consultant


Guy Parker

Director of Digital & Asset Information