Asset Information Requirements and Standards

Supporting organizations to define the right information for optimal Asset Management decision-making. Collating Asset Information requirements and creating effective standards that specify data needs, allowing an organization to drive data management and quality improvement. IndustryNeed “We have large volumes of poor quality information and we have challenges on-boarding new asset information from capital projects.” Catalyst […]

Asset Investment Planning

Supporting organizations to develop investment planning capabilities through defining and implementing business processes, advising on the adoption of appropriate tooling, and conducting lifecycle modeling. IndustryNeed “We are constantly being driven to make the most effective use of budgets, and therefore need to ensure we prioritize and optimize spending accordingly whilst delivering on all expected outcomes. […]

Asset Management System in a Box

A range of templated Asset Management System artifacts aligned to good practice Asset Management frameworks including the 39 Subjects and ISO 55001. IndustryNeed “We are reacting to asset failures and we do not understand how best to manage our assets over the longer term in a way that will deliver required levels of service in […]

Asset Information and Digital Strategy Development

Supporting organizations to develop Asset Information and Digital Strategies that drive business improvement through good practice management of data and the effective adoption of technology. IndustryNeed “We are under pressure to improve Asset Management decision making, our data, and the digital solutions used, but we don’t know where to focus or what technology to adopt.” […]

Asset Management Training

A range of eLearning and in-person/remote training courses in Asset Management for all levels of an organization. Including endorsed courses for the IAM’s Foundation Award, Certificate, and Diploma. IndustryNeed “We have been told to introduce better Asset Management practices but we don’t really understand the full scope of Asset Management.” Catalyst for Change Internal or […]

Asset Management Diagnostic and Roadmap

Asset Management assessment and roadmapping services, including Institute of Asset Management (IAM) endorsed gap analyses and certifications to ISO 55001 IndustryNeed “We are under pressure to improve performance and reduce costs through the introduction of Asset Management but we are not sure where to start.” Catalyst for Change External stakeholder demands to become certified to […]

Delivering Technology Change

Supporting organizations to develop Asset Information Systems and technology requirements that de-risk implementation projects, including support to navigate the technology marketplace and select solutions that fit their needs. IndustryNeed “We are planning to invest in Asset Information Systems and technology but are concerned about the inherent risks to achieve full value. Existing investments in technology […]

Reliability and Asset Health

Helping organizations to leverage changes in their approach to maintenance that sustainably realize long-term benefits, including maintenance strategy, cost and criticality and Reliability-Centred and Risk-Based Maintenance methodologies. IndustryNeed “Our asset reliability is not acceptable and maintenance budgets are constrained or reducing.” Catalyst for Change Increasing pressure on maintenance budgets and increasing understanding of consequences of […]

Risk Management

Supporting organizations to define and implement good practice risk management approaches, including frameworks, processes and tools, aligned to ISO 31000 and 55001 that enable effective risk-based decision-making. IndustryNeed “We don’t really understand what risk management means or how it can support our Asset Management decision-making and planning.” Catalyst for Change Organizations realize that the application […]

Asset Intensive Business Architecture

The Asset Intensive Business Architecture (AIBA) enables organizations to define in detail the scope of Asset Management and its underpinning process and information flows, requirements, roles and responsibilities. IndustryNeed “We seem to work in an uncoordinated fashion with overlapping or conflicting roles and responsibilities, a lack of useful information, and poorly defined processes or frameworks […]