Asset Management Training

A range of eLearning and in-person/remote training courses in Asset Management for all levels of an organization. Including endorsed courses for the IAM’s Foundation Award, Certificate, and Diploma.


“We have been told to introduce better Asset Management practices but we don’t really understand the full scope of Asset Management.”

Catalyst for Change

Internal or external stakeholders putting pressure on organizations to improve their Asset Management capabilities.

Outcome Delivered

Improved competence of staff to make better decisions leading to better outcomes, such as reduced costs, managed risk, and systematic delivery of corporate objectives.


  • High-quality Training Products proven over many years
  • Only business globally endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) for all categories of training
  • CPD registered training and eLearning recognized by WPiAM for CAMA as well as the IAM Certificate
  • Track record of delivering Asset Management training globally across 19 sectors and to over 500 clients globally

Asset Management Training Delivery Partner

Our Asset Management Training is provided through our delivery partner; The Asset Management Academy.

Our internationally recognized education and training services help create successful Asset Management professionals and improve the performance of the organizations they work for. They are built on our unrivaled experience of helping asset-intensive organizations around the world to build their capabilities and develop the competences of their managers and staff.