Asset Management System in a Box

A range of templated Asset Management System artifacts aligned to good practice Asset Management frameworks including the 39 Subjects and ISO 55001.


“We are reacting to asset failures and we do not understand how best to manage our assets over the longer term in a way that will deliver required levels of service in a cost- and risk-effective way. We say we are aligned to ISO 55000 but we wouldn’t know what that meant.”

Catalyst for Change

Internal or external stakeholders putting pressure on organisations to align with international standards. Increased scrutiny from external funders or regulators requiring greater transparency of investment needs and the justification for this investment.

Outcome Delivered

An Asset Management System design and range of artifacts that meet minimum ISO 55001 requirements, aligned to an organization’s needs, including a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and supporting Maintenance and Asset Class Strategies.


  • Established a range of templates, including SAMP, Asset Class, and Maintenance Strategies
  • Benchmark exemplars from consenting clients
  • Proven track record in implementing Asset Management System templates into client organizations
  • Track record of benefits delivered

Project Summaries

Project Summary

AMCL developed a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) for Haya Water, the state-owned operator and maintainer of Wastewater assets and networks in Muscat, and the wider Sultanate of Oman. The project involved a series of interactive workshops and exploratory interviews with key stakeholders, together with a review of Asset Management System documentation, previous gap assessments, and internal audits. In total 35 personnel were engaged in the preparation of the SAMP from the Leadership Team through to departmental managers and engineers to safeguard that the SAMP was not only ISO 55001 compliant, but also was truly representative and appropriate to Haya Water. Activities included assessment of their Asset Management Framework, Asset Management training, gap analysis, and the development of Asset Management Objectives aligned with Corporate Objectives.

In 2018, Haya Water were certified to ISO 55001.

Project Summary

AMCL has been supporting Western Power in its Asset Management journey since 2013 when AMCL undertook an initial Asset Management maturity assessment to identify its capabilities compared to international leading practices. This identified a number of priority improvements, particularly in the area of asset risk management. AMCL provided strategic advice from 2014 to 2015 to help Western Power to deliver a series of best-in-class risk models and approaches. In 2016, the focus moved away from just risk management to developing a broader approach to Asset Management with the specific objective of achieving ISO 55001 certification. AMCL undertook a second assessment in 2016 to reprioritize the improvement actions required to identify specific improvements necessary, thereby complying with the requirements of the international standard. AMCL provided ongoing advice to Western Power during 2017 and 2018 to help develop an Asset Management framework and system that aligned with both the requirements of ISO 55001 and also with existing business practices within Western Power. AMCL was delighted when Western Power was independently assessed to be compliant with ISO 55001 in August 2019.