Graduate Profile: Scott Fransen

Graduate Profile: Scott Fransen I joined AMCL as a graduate in 2020 with a Business Economics degree. The breadth of exposure to clients and different projects had drawn me to consultancy but having the opportunity to focus specifically on Asset Management was a further cause for excitement. Q. Is there a typical day and if […]

Graduate Profile: Shyam Ramaiya

Graduate Profile: Shyam Ramaiya I joined AMCL as a graduate in 2018 after graduating with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Having spent some time in the Rail industry, I was interested in a career in Infrastructure and particularly within Asset Management. Q. What do you enjoy about working at AMCL? At AMCL, I get […]

Graduate Profile: Charlotte Tang

Graduate Profile: Charlotte Tang I joined AMCL as a graduate in 2020 after graduating with a Chemistry degree. Although a career in asset management was not a typical career path to follow with a Chemistry degree, the problem-solving and analytical skills that I developed through my degree aligned well with the consultancy role. As a […]