Graduate Profile:
Scott Fransen

I joined AMCL as a graduate in 2020 with a Business Economics degree. The breadth of exposure to clients and different projects had drawn me to consultancy but having the opportunity to focus specifically on Asset Management was a further cause for excitement.

Q. Is there a typical day and if so what does it look like?

One of the things I really enjoy is that no day is the same. There are times when one client’s work takes priority but you are usually working across a variety of projects which is really great as it means you get to see a range of different work types. Another positive is whilst certain projects might involve similar overall work, all client demands are different meaning we are always having to refine, redevelop and improve.

Q. What areas and skills have you developed and learnt in your time so far?

A major benefit of this graduate scheme is the amount of control we have over our personal development. Through working on projects, you start to understand which areas of work you enjoy most. Then through either focussing on projects in these areas or working directly on developing service lines, skills can be enhanced. When this is combined with the natural learning from working with incredibly experienced and knowledgeable team members there is lots of opportunity for improvement.

Personally, I have taken an interest in Asset Investment Planning processes having worked with the service line and on a number of projects as well as focusing on data and analytics. Whilst these are areas I have enjoyed learning about, there are many more opportunities and fields that I look forward to learning about.

Q. What has been the best opportunity at AMCL so far?

I was fortunately given the opportunity to go and help set up a project in Abu Dhabi with the Middle Eastern hub of the business. This involved me moving to the region for 5 months which was amazing for my development both personally and professionally. Working abroad exposed me to how work cultures differ but also how the maturity of Asset Management practice fluctuates across the world. Also being able to explore the region was a great benefit. The opportunity to travel with the business is another huge perk of being with AMCL.

Career Highlights

  • 2020
    Joined AMCL, a Turner & Townsend company as Junior Consultant
  • 2021
    Supported both the Europe, Australia and Middle Eastern hubs on a diverse range of projects including spending 5 months in Abu Dhabi
  •  2021
    Progressed to Consultant level
  • 2022
    Delivered a key Asset Investment Planning project for the business