PT PLN Persero Asset Management Improvement Program (Phase 1)


Jakarta, Indonesia


Energy & Utilities

​PT PLN (Persero) is a State-Owned Enterprise in Indonesia. The organisation’s core business is to supply electricity across Indonesia through generation, transmission and distribution streams.
A summary of their organisation and asset base is as follows:

  • 75+ year history, largest asset base in Indonesia
  • 54,000 employees
  • 82.5 million customers (~92% are households)
  • Generation capacity of over 64.5MW
  • Approximately 65,000km of transmission lines
  • Approximately 1 million km of distribution lines

Client Challenge

PT PLN (Persero) wants to be the leading electricity provider in Southeast Asia and recognises that implementing good practice Asset Management will help them achieve this and a number of other Corporate goals. AMCL was appointed to assess PT PLN’s Asset Management System and Maturity of their Asset Management capabilities and then implement a Roadmap of Improvements.

Scope of Work

Following a gap analysis against ISO55001, maturity assessment against GFMAM 39 subjects and development of an Asset Information Strategy, AMCL was engaged to design and implement the opportunities for improvement. The Roadmap of improvements were prioritised in terms of value add and benefits and programs of improvement projects developed for implementation over 4 years. In mid 2021, AMCL was appointed to deliver Phase 1 of Asset Management improvements

Value Add

  • PT PLN have now defined its scope of Asset Management and Operating (Capability) model using AMCL’s Asset Intensive Business Architecture (AIBA) tool.
  • PT PLN have used their Capability Model to help achieve greater clarity around business functions and roles and responsibilities.
    PT PLN have defined the asset information it requires for decision making and supporting its Asset Management functions and how it will manage the quality of information.

AMCL Solution

AMCL developed an Improvement Strategy and supporting Improvement Roadmap to guide PT PLN on its Asset Management journey. The Improvement Strategy began with embedding key elements of an Asset Management System, defining the role of Top Management in leading the Asset Management function and establishing AM competency across all levels of the organisation so that there is common and aligned understanding of the fundamentals of Asset Management. The final elements of the Improvement Strategy included building in good pactice such as Risk Management and continous improvement.

The supporting Roadmap outlined specific opportunities to align their Asset Management System with the requirements of ISO 55001 and grow their Asset Management capabilities spanning 4 years. For Phase 1, the projects within the Improvement program covered:

  • Asset Management Training for Top Management & staff
  • Coaching on establishing the Asset Management Function and on Organisation Leadership & Culture
  • Establishing the Asset Management Framework & Scope of Asset Management
  • Defining Asset Management Objectives & Strategic Asset Management Plan
  • Improving asset data quality and defining asset information requirements
  • Establishing Risk Appetite Statements and review of the Corporate Risk Management Framework

Key Outcomes & Benefits Delivered

  • As an IAM Endorsed Trainer, AMCL trained over 80 PT PLN staff in asset management training. Courses delivere ; eFoundation (fundamentals of asset management) and eCert+ Live which included live webinars, enabling PT PLN staff to get a formal qualification in Asset Management. AMCL also delivered asset management training tailored specifically for PT PLN’s top management.
  • AMCL provided expert advice and coaching to PT PLN’s Top Management about establishing an Asset Management function and leading Asset Management.
  • The Asset Management Framework developed by AMCL assists in defining the scope of Asset Management and key roles and responsibilities of PT PLN’s Directors and Divisions in carrying out key and support functions of Asset Management.
  • Following the development of PT PLN’s Asset Information Strategy, AMCL helped define PT PLN Asset Information Requirements and Information Model from which supporting standards can be developed to improve data quality and decision-making. An Asset Information Management Framework was created that describes how data and information will be properly managed in PT PLN.
  • AMCL assisted PT PLN in defining their Asset Management Objectives to support the delivery of the organisation’s strategies and goals and their Strategic Asset Management Plan which provides focus on delivering the Asset Management Objectives.

  • AMCL helped PT PLN to define and widely communicate Risk Appetite Statements that provides guidance on the amount of risk to take in pursuing organisational objectives. AMCL also reviewed PT PLN’s Risk Management Framework and how the organisation evaluated and managed asset risk and its criteria for prioritising investment.


AMCL assisted PT PLN in developing and establishing its AM Policy which was signed off by all members of Top Management to demonstrate committment to Asset Management.

AMCL also helped PT PLN with defining its Risk Appetite and develop meaningful Risk Appetite Statements. In doing this, AMCL developed and provided a detailed methodology for PT PLN to assist them in defining further Risk Appetite Statements.

“AMCL has been very cooperative and responsive during our projects, and we appreciate that AMCL always includes us in executing the work, so it improves our understanding of Asset Management. AMCL is always listening to our issues, providing help and clear suggestion that PLN needs to carry out.”

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