Nastaran Adeli

Describe your journey to AMCL. I was working as an Asset Performance Management (APM) technology solution implementation consultant when I came across AMCL’s name for the first time. I was delivering Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training for a client in transportation at their headquarter office, and I saw a wall to wall print of their […]

Gaining insight into how effectively EAM Solutions are supporting Asset Management

Through our work with clients across multiple sectors we are seeing varying levels of satisfaction and effectiveness in how EAM systems are supporting Asset Management. The big questions everyone’s asking are:

“How well are we using our EAM System compared to our peers? How do we improve and gain more value from our data and our systems?”

To answer these questions, AMCL is seeking asset-intensive organizations across the globe who use an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System (or equivalent) to participate in our EAM System Survey going live this July!