Transport for Wales and AMCL – Maximising the Benefits of IBM Maximo with Improved Data Quality

AMCL recently attended and presented at the IBM Maximo User Group held at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. They were joined (virtually) by Karl Burge from Transport for Wales, where they discussed the programme to improve data quality for Asset Management.

Transport for Wales did not have sufficient quality or confidence in the data it required to support its decision-making, including from its core IBM Maximo solution. With their existing analytical capability, they were unable to understand and improve their existing data quality. AMCL was brought in to deploy its prebuilt data quality analytic solution providing valuable insights and driving the desired data quality improvements.

During the intervals, the importance of responding to ever-increasing issues for climate change were discussed. Additionally, they had the opportunity to test some of the equipment used by the Antarctic teams during their expeditions.

"A key takeaway was the use of rich and visual analytics to actively engage business stakeholders, driving collaboration to improve data quality."

Our Global Digital and Asset Information Director, Jim Cooper, also attended and provides the following thoughts on the presentations:

Great to join one of the EAM solution user communities last week, the UK&I IBM Maximo User Group, at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. Richard Barber and the organising committee put on a great agenda, with various organisations who use Maximo providing their experiences and insights into how they have gained value from their solution.

Here are some key insights I took:

DP World
Journey to MAS 8 and community – one of the world’s largest transport logistics and port operators shared their experiences and challenges in consolidating multiple instances of their EAM solutions. Their presentation emphasised the lessons learned and provided insights on harmonising data and processes across different geographical regions. They achieved this with great work in governance and collaboration across disparate stakeholders, including setting an effective Asset Information Strategy and common data standards.

Transport for Wales
Maximising the Benefits of Maximo with Improved Data Quality – great to see our client Karl Burdge and my colleague Alex Damas discussing how they’re tackling the EAM data quality challenge from an Asset Management perspective. They presented how the application of targeted data quality analytics can generate insights to improve asset and business performance. A key takeaway was the use of rich and visual analytics to actively engage business stakeholders, driving collaboration to improve data quality.

Energia Group
Maximo as the core solution – showing how the core EAM solution can be effectively augmented through the integration of complementary systems, such as document and safety management. This presentation highlighted the importance of aligning data and process models.

MAS 8 Roadmap
– updates on the broader applications and applications within the MAS offering, going beyond the core EAM “Manage” solution. This included the emerging APM elements and enhanced features in Visual Inspection and AI. From global experience, we recognise the challenges in realising the benefits of APM solutions, such as a clearly defined value framework and the need for good quality asset data. It was also interesting to observe the increasing migration to the MAS8 platform and the speaker’s challenge about whether organisations should view this as an opportunity to simply technically upgrade their EAM solution or leverage it as a chance to transform their ways of working.

Northern Ireland Electricity
User experience through NIE Maximo roadmap – valuable insights into the challenges of change management when deploying EAM solutions for complex organisations. They emphasised the importance of effective business stakeholder communication, engagement and collaboration in the development process, highlighting the importance of not developing technology solutions in an ‘ivory tower’

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