Gaining insight into how effectively EAM Solutions are supporting Asset Management

Through our work with clients across multiple sectors we are seeing varying levels of satisfaction and effectiveness in how EAM systems are supporting Asset Management.

The big questions everyone’s asking are:

“How well are we using our EAM System compared to our peers? How do we improve and gain more value from our data and our systems?”

To answer these questions, AMCL is seeking asset-intensive organizations across the globe who use an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System (or equivalent)  to participate in our EAM System Survey going live at the end of July!

Why should you take our survey? 
In responding to our survey, you’ll gain access to a rich report and analysis, providing you valuable insights into the global landscape of EAM Systems – allowing you to understand good practice trends. You’ll see how you measure-up against the global community and highlight common pitfalls when implementing EAM Systems.

How satisfied are you with your organization's EAM system?

Highly Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Highly Dissatisfied

Poll results from: Taming the Beast – Making your EAM System Work for You, presented by Simon Smith, Director of Asset Management (USA) at the 2021 TRB Asset Management Conference.

Interested in Participating?

Please contact Tanbera Razzaque if you are interested in participating.

 Please Note: Your survey response will be entirely anonymous.