Asset Health Indices with Constellation Energy

Asset Health Indexing (AHI) is a measure of the condition and future performance of an asset and indicates how close the asset may be to the end of its useful life. Although asset health can be influenced by factors such as operating capacity or compliance with legislation, for most asset types, asset condition provides a good proxy for asset health.

Preparing for the PR24 Challenge?

The UK Water Industry is preparing for its latest Price Review Period (PR24). With the UK’s Water Service Regulation Authority (OFWAT) recently releasing its final methodology. AMCL looks at what this means for Asset Management in the UK Water Industry.

Northumbrian Water Group AMP7 Acceleration Project

NWG needed to decide in a data driven and full-evidenced way what the optimal investment plan needed to be to achieve the best overall performance against regulatory targets but within funding and deliverability constraints. The current process and systems available were not able to fully support this approach.

European Water Company: Asset Investment Planning Capability Improvement

The submission and acceptance by the regulatory stakeholders of the regulatory submissions was the trigger for programs of organizational change in this European Water Company. The Asset Investment Planning (AIP) capability improvement sought to drive incremental enhancement into the preparation of capital investment plans.

COP27: Aligning Climate Goals to Actions

With the 27th UN global climate change conference coming to a close in Egypt (COP27), it has become apparent that climate change and sustainability have completely changed the business environment. As our climate, legislation, and customer demands change, companies and nations are being united by common goals: the need to reduce their environmental impact and […]

AMCL to discuss Long-Term Infrastructure Decision Making at MainTrain 2022

AMCL’s Sarah Vine will join Imad Khan in presenting the ‘Impact of Electrification on Long-Term Infrastructure Decision-Making’ At PEMAC’s Maintain 2022 conference AMCL will present how the rise in transit electrification and the growth of renewable energy are shaping a new energy era. An era that is changing how we think about infrastructure decision-making and […]