Our Solutions

AMCL has been helping asset intensive businesses for over two decades, navigating the risks and opportunities that owning and managing assets can create. Our experience has helped us understand and identify challenges that modern businesses face, and from this knowledge we have established a range of transformation solutions that an organisation can implement.

Each of these transformational solutions address big challenges that many if not all asset intensive business will face. We have combined our global experience and our standardised services into the following solutions that can transform how businesses work.

Creating the Aligned Organisation

Designing And Embedding Effective Processes and Governance

AMCL is a strong advocate of transformation and change being led by top management. Supplementary to this is the governance, accountability and controls that enable said transformation or change. Asset Intensive businesses are also unique as they balance short term needs with long term performance. The ‘Designing & embedding effective processes and governance’ transformational programme helps set frameworks, rules, principles, and process re-engineering to deliver real and practical change for all parts of the organisation. This enables better day-to-day management of asset intensive businesses, as the governance and controls applied help the business function in a more unified and aligned manner.

Empowering your People

Building foundational knowledge across the organization

Data without context is meaningless, knowledge provides that context. AMCL has been training organisations for over two decades and from this learning we recognise that to be truly consciously competent, you need to understand best practice.
Our training programmes are comprehensive and based on leading practice, with delivery via face to face, e-learning, or large-scale L&D programmes hosted on Litmos platforms. Our ‘Building foundational knowledge across organisations’ transformational programme can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of the business with individual learning journeys as the centrepiece.

Ultimately, we seek to teach, guide and coach the leaders and practitioners of the future.

Making Digital Work for You

Delivering Asset Management insights from
effective data and technology

Data and Asset Management are symbiotic and to enable effective decision-making, good quality data is needed. Asset intensive organisations are very complex, with many data sets and systems holding growing lakes of data. To add more complexity new technologies are commanding even more rich data, creating a major challenge for modern asset organisations. Knowing the importance or criticality of your data and effective integration of information system and tools, in addition to how this relates to asset management processes, is the first step in developing a true data led asset intensive business.

Our ‘Delivering Asset Management Insights from effective data and technology’ transformation programme addresses this challenge and from a grass-roots principles approach, we can help you make sense of your data and technology environment and get you on the right path towards data being not only an asset driven business but also an effective Asset Manager.

Informed Investment Decisions

Realigning investments to deliver better outcomes

The long-term financial sustainability of an asset intensive business is reliant on the ability of different disciplines to collaborate and establish a capital and maintenance programme that achieves performance objectives, but also delivers value for money to customers.

Asset Management has a unique role in helping to trade off short term needs with long term performance. Our ‘Realigning investment to deliver better outcomes’ transformation programme will help align the strategic investment planning function with the shorter-term capital and maintenance budget allocation, with the golden thread of value running end-to-end. The ultimate future state is to develop a rolling and dynamic planning process that leverages modern decision support tools that now have the computational power to optimise a portfolio in minutes with muti dimensions, which would have originally taken weeks.

Outcome Driven Capital Programs

Focusing capital programs on operational success

For the majority of modern asset intensive organisations, silos are created to enable specialisms and more efficient execution of task. These silos form different functions in the business, for example Capital delivery is separate from Maintence and Operations. Each function has its own target operating model.

Our ‘Focusing capital programs on operational success’ transformational approach helps bring the Capital Delivery operating model closer to the Operations and Maintenance operating model, though addressing overlaps and touch points of key processes, systems, functions and data. Our integrated model, which underpins the transformational programme, enables specialisations to thrive and interconnect process, data and systems.

As sustainability is becoming a major challenge and the adoption of the circular economy becomes a prominent mechanism to reduce carbon, an integrated business operating model is necessary for future success and key to hitting net zero Targets.