Scott Fransen

London, UK

“Since joining, I have had the chance to work with teams across the world.”

Describe your journey to AMCL and the opportunities provided since arrival?

I joined AMCL after finishing my Business Economics degree with a year in industry. Prior to coming across AMCL, my experience of the Asset Management industry had been minimal; From the moment I joined, I have been given the chance to learn from the hugely experienced team and from the variety of projects that I have worked on. Since joining, I have had the chance to work with teams across the world. The standout moment so far was having the opportunity to spend five months working on a client project in Abu Dhabi. Getting to learn first-hand how different regions operate, as well as how AMCL are helping to change the attitude towards Asset Management across the world, was an amazing experience! Not to mention the chance to spend time in a part of the world I have never been.

What do you most enjoy about working at AMCL?

A combination of the work and the atmosphere. Across the projects that I have been able to help on, the work has been wide-ranging, different, and always interesting. AMCL also gives its employees the chance to take on responsibility. This means that I have been able to work closely with clients and senior members of the business to further my knowledge of the industry and Asset Management. Working closely with the team across the world has opened my eyes to the AMCL culture and working atmosphere which is another great perk.

How are you helping AMCL clients to make infrastructure more valuable?

AMCL has been helping to pave the way for Asset Management and make infrastructure more valuable for a long time. When I joined, understanding how I was going to help with this seemed daunting. But I was quickly helped and taught how I could assist on projects across our service lines. The tools that AMCL has created, as well as the internal knowledge base, help new joiners get up to speed quickly while the access that is given to clients also gives ‘real work’ insights.