Michael Patterson

Southeast Asia

“I get great satisfaction from being helpful and making a positive difference to others”

Describe your journey to AMCL and the opportunities provided since arrival?

From the first day of a 1 year’s stint on a mining site, followed by a 15-year career in the water industry and until now, I have been delivering in the area of Asset Management, focusing on achieving results, improving processes, outputs and even culture. It began with being a part of a very large Government organization and dedicating my time and energy to addressing issues within the acquisition and lifecycle delivery areas and from several roles including Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Design, Project Management, Client Representation and eventually Manager of the Asset Management (AM) function. My last significant assignment to get positive outcomes and change in the organization was leading the development of an Integrated Alliance (an entity involving government organisations and private industry) which encompassed not just the traditional O&M responsibilities but also Asset Management.

I found trying to influence and make a sustainable change in a large organization at times to be very hard work requiring a lot of persistence and resilience. I achieved many successes but also learned many lessons from hard knocks. After reaching a limit to what I felt I could affect and learn, I chose to leave and help others through consultancy – I had many experiences to share and I always enjoyed helping people. I started working for myself and shortly landed a contract with Turner and Townsend (T&T) to help an O&M service provider manage their water quality issues across a number of hospitals. I applied an AM approach and ultimately developed the first Water Quality Management Framework for a hospital in Australia which was also accepted by the State’s Chief Health Officer. I was thrilled with my first consultancy job and from there I was introduced to AMCL by T&T and here I am.

Joining AMCL has given me the opportunity to be an Asset Management consultant within a highly recognized international organization, to work with like-minded and enthusiastic people and of course with a variety of organizations who are keen to listen and implement good advice. AMCL provides an environment in which I can make a positive difference in the lives of others and how organizations functions and achieve their outcomes.

What do you most enjoy about working at AMCL?

I most enjoy the fact that AMCL is dedicated to providing leading-edge Asset Management advisory and is continuously self-improving in both the way it functions and in the development of services and products that we provide. I also particularly enjoy that the two founders of AMCL are passionate about what AMCL is about and that they make themselves available to anyone in the organization to contact and speak with them. A junior consultant, for example, can get in contact with and have a conversation with one of the founders if need be – this is extremely refreshing and rewarding to me having come from a very hierarchical organization. Lastly, I enjoy the autonomy and empowerment to get on with achieving results, the opportunities to grow personally and professionally and take on more responsibilities.

How are you helping AMCL clients to make infrastructure more valuable?

My approach to helping clients implement asset management and make sustainable organizational improvements involves applying knowledge of good practice with actual hands-on experience in. I keep it real, using my personal real-life examples. I also share lessons that I have learned from hard knocks so that my clients can be more successful in their efforts in their improvement journey. I make use of the development opportunities provided by AMCL’s University and self-learning to remain abreast of the latest issues and industry thinking. Lastly, I let my passion for teaching and advising on good asset management practice shine through in my conversations and engagements – going the extra step when required to ensure that I have made a lasting and positive impact.