Jim Cooper

London, UK

“I enjoy working alongside people who challenge me“

Describe your journey to AMCL and the opportunities provided since arrival?

I started my career in engineering design before moving into operations and maintenance management in utilities. Whilst working in Asia for an asset intensive organisation I was charged with selecting and implementing an Enterprise IT solution to increase asset reliability. This led to many years involved in the implementation, R&D and sales of Asset Management technologies. Fast forward a few years and I had become IBM’s Smarter Infrastructure technical leader for EMEA. Whilst in that role I saw the emergence of new digital trends but also a theme of technology programmes failing to meet needs and benefits. I sent my then team on a training course with AMCL to learn good practice. I was impressed by the content and thinking – realising I didn’t truly understand Asset Management. So, 7 years ago I joined the company! Surrounded by leaders in the field it has been an opportunity to learn every day and advance Asset Information thinking.

What do you most enjoy about working at AMCL?

I enjoy working alongside people who challenge me, learning new concepts, and developing innovative methods, tools and templates to help our clients. I like the variety of projects and asset classes I get to work on: from hydro electric plant in Scotland, to metro rail in Adelaide, through to a National Park and aquarium in Tacoma. I enjoy working with our internal Graphic Design team to create innovative ways to communicate ideas. Most importantly I like working in fun and energetic teams.

How are you helping AMCL clients to make infrastructure more valuable?

Managing infrastructure so it delivers more for less is challenging, it’s all about making good decisions. Typically, our clients don’t have appropriate data quality or well-adopted technology to support those decisions. They are also being encouraged to ‘digitalize’, with the hype around concepts such as Digital Twin or Virtual Reality. At AMCL we’ve been helping organizations to understand where they are, specifying what they need, and providing practical solutions to improve – supporting the adoption of Digital at the right pace.