Han Sheng

Seattle WA, USA

“Everyone is willing to share their knowledge & experience”

Describe your journey to AMCL and the opportunities provided since arrival?

I joined AMCL as a graduate in 2012 and since I joined, I have worked on numerous exciting projects with a variety of clients from many different industries. With the diverse backgrounds and experiences of all my colleagues, I was offered endless opportunities to learn from the best in the Asset Management field. AMCL also offered unlimited flexibility for me to choose the areas I would like to expand my experience and capabilities in, which helped and supported me to define my own career path. 

What do you most enjoy about working at AMCL?

AMCL’s culture and flat hierarchy make it different and enjoyable to work at.  In AMCL, everyone is willing to share their knowledge and experience to help each other improve on every aspect, to the extent that everyone could be everyone’s mentor. Under such an atmosphere, there is no lack of support and guidance from the subject matter specialists, which helped me to pick up hard and soft skills quickly as well as to take on more responsibilities at every stage of my career.  

How are you helping AMCL clients to make infrastructure more valuable?

In this ever-changing world, asset owners are facing more and more challenges to balance various demands and needs of their assets. With my specialty in Asset Information, data analytics, and modeling, I help clients with everything related to data and support clients to make optimal decisions throughout the entire lifecycle of their assets. Functional Asset Information management framework helps clients gather the right data at the right time via the right process by the right people into the right place with the right quality, while data analytics and modeling turn the data into information and insights to answer questions such as what happened, why things happened and how to improve so asset owners can make right decisions and thus improve the value of assets and well as the organization.