Alexander Damas

London, UK

“We don’t just bring a pen and paper, we bring tried and tested frameworks that empower our clients to succeed.”

Describe your journey to AMCL and the opportunities provided since arrival?

I was working at Transport for London as a project engineer when a member of AMCL reached out and suggested I apply for one of the existing vacancies. I was aware of Asset Management as a high-level concept but it wasn’t until I joined that I understood the scope of what AMCL can provide for its clients. Since joining, I have worked on a wide range of projects focused primarily on providing clients with the right data and technology to enable them to operate more effectively and make the best decisions. For each of these opportunities, I have been able to couple my industry knowledge with AMCL’s distinctive service offering to generate effective solutions.

What do you most enjoy about working at AMCL?

It has been great to see similar problems to those I experienced on client side and be able to offer long-lasting and effective solutions. AMCL has a wealth of relevant resources and experience which we bring to the table for all of our clients. We don’t just bring a pen and paper, we bring tried and tested frameworks that empower our clients to succeed. Fundamentally working with our clients to understand their specific challenges and bringing them on a journey that sees those challenges resolved is why I enjoy working at AMCL.

How are you helping AMCL clients to make infrastructure more valuable?

Many of AMCL’s clients are “data rich but information poor”. This results in many organisation’s struggling to deliver change as they do not have the intelligence they need to support their decisions. I have worked with our clients to develop novel tools that capture new sources of data, bring them into one place and provide users with the insights they need. For me, it is all about arming our clients with the tools they need to deliver, encouraging them to make the best decisions and making sure that benefits are sustained.