TEAM2100 maintains their ISO 55001 Certification for the third time

Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100 (TEAM2100) is the Environment Agency’s ten-year programme to refurbish and replace tidal flood defences in London and the Thames Estuary. TEAM2100 is a collaborative Integrated Delivery Team of the Environment Agency and Jacobs, with Balfour Beatty serving as the main contractor.

As an Asset Management driven organisation, TEAM2100 seek to maintain their ISO 55001 Certification, ensuring that their efforts to implement and run an effective and improving Asset Management System (AMS) are recognised and demonstrated to their wider stakeholders.

TEAM2100’s main opportunity as an ‘Innovation Pathfinder’ for the Environment Agency is ensuring that the team can hand over a mature yet agile management system, with nearly a decade of capability growth and lessons learned, to help manage flood risk in the capital and the rest of the Thames Estuary – accentuated by the urgent need to mitigate risks resulting from rising sea levels.

AMCL have been tasked with the Management System Certification, Surveillance and Recertification cycle since 2017, which means we have certified TEAM2100 to ISO 55001 three times.

Asset Management Excellence Model™

The Certification Audits utilised the AMCL Asset Management Excellence Model™ (AMEM) as a source of evidence for the evaluation of TEAM2100’s compliance to ISO 55001.

AMCL have built a strong relationship with TEAM2100, fulfilling the position of a ‘critical friend’, and enabling a steer on good practice for Asset Management activities within the requirements of the Assessor Role.

AMCL has been witness to improvements within the programme, namely with use of technologies to provide high quality asset data to support decision-making across the TEAM2100 partners. This information accessibility provides greater visibility of asset health and other local factors affecting the flood impact risk, now and into the future.

“It was great to see the ongoing improvement initiatives which complement the already effective Asset Management system; it was a pleasure to have such interesting conversations with the committed professionals at TEAM2100”

Matthew McConville
AMCL Project Lead
"The assessment team's in-depth knowledge of the UK water industry and experience working with the wider Environment Agency was particularly relevant and valuable for TEAM2100. Their line of questioning really challenged us to rethink some of our current AM approaches and helped us strive to continually improve our asset management maturity“
Patricia Mak
TEAM 2100 Asset Management Deputy Portfolio Manager

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