Join us at the CEATI 2024 Strategy and Innovation Conference

Join us for CEATI’s 2024 Strategy and Innovation Conference! This event, hosted in Minneapolis, MN provides a forum for thought leaders to share and learn about the newest innovations, latest technological advancements, and the future of the power grid.

This year, we're presenting 3 topics over the course of the conference:

Asset Management Gap Assessments for Advancement

With Tammy Whipple and Todd Shepherd, featuring Sarah Vine.
(See Conference Agenda for details)

With competing pressures for resources, ageing infrastructure, and the desire to be strong stewards of the organization’s assets, effective Asset Management is more critical than ever. Almost every organization is practicing Asset Management in one form or another, but how are you assessing your performance and how are you making plans to improve?

This workshop will provide an overview of Asset Management maturity assessment tools and uses, share a utility organization’s experience of evaluating their Asset Management program maturity and show how they utilized the assessment to develop actionable strategies to advance improvement. An Asset Management self-assessment and tabletop exercises will be utilized throughout the workshop to provide attendees with practical, ready-to-use ideas and practices they can take back to their day-to-day work to advance their Asset Management practices and outcomes from any state of maturity.

The Changing Landscape of Asset Management

With Richard Edwards
(See Conference Agenda for details)

Two of the seminal documents in Asset Management – ISO 55001 and the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management’s (GFMAM) Asset Management Landscape – have been in widespread use for around 10 years now.  Over the last 18 months, both of these documents have been extensively reviewed and updated to reflect the lessons learned from the last decade to incorporate the latest developments in Asset Management from around the world. 

The updated version of both are scheduled to be published in mid-2024.  Richard’s presentation will provide an overview of the upcoming changes and the impact this is expected to have on organizations that are both certified to ISO 55001 and have used the Asset Management Landscape as the basis for their Asset Management approach.

Richard Edwards is a long-standing board member of the GFMAM and has led the input to the revision of the Asset Management Landscape from the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

Using System Thinking Archetypes for Change Management Success

With Todd Shepherd
(See Conference Agenda for details)

This presentation will introduce the concept of system thinking archetypes and how they can be utilized to facilitate successful change implementation within organizations. System thinking archetypes refer to common patterns or structures found in complex systems that can create problematic behaviours or outcomes. By understanding and identifying these archetypes, leaders can better anticipate and address potential barriers to change.

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Creating the Aligned Organization

The AMCL team’s presentations at CEATI focus on helping clients to achieve benefits by effectively adopting Asset Management good practice. Either through assessment and improvement road mapping, adopting the latest Asset Management thinking, or harmonizing disparate management frameworks. AMCL provide a range of services in this area to support our clients to Create the Aligned Organization