Growing Interest in Asset Management in the Middle East

The 6th Maintcon International Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability Conference was held in Bahrain between the 27th and 30th November 2022.  The theme of the conference was Industry 4.0 – Industrial Innovation & Technologies in the New Normal’. AMCL’s Global Technical Director, Richard Edwards, presented a paper on ISO 55001 in the Gulf Region and how the ISO 55001 framework can provide the basis for the successful adoption of digital technologies. 

Many case studies were presented on the adoption of new technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of operations within asset intensive business with some impressive results. It was clear from these case studies that there is an increasing awareness of the role Asset Management can play in managing the risks associated with major investments in digital technologies.

Richard commented: ‘It is amazing how quickly Asset Management has advanced in the Gulf Region in the last few years. The increasing adoption of the ISO 55001 framework across the region reflects this growth’

Number of ISO 55001 certifications across the Gulf Region | Source: ISO/TC251 website

‘AMCL is delighted to be supporting our many clients in the region on the journey to ISO 55001 certification and beyond. We embrace the opportunities technology can provide to asset intensive organisations and encourage organisations to use the ISO 55001 framework to align technology design to organisational objectives and business benefits’.

Prior to the conference there was a 3-day workshop of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) where Richard was representing the IAM. One of the key topics for the workshop was the review of the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape which was last issued in 2014. The Asset Management Landscape has become a central reference for many organisations adopting Asset Management across the globe. A major review and update is now underway and the Landscape will be reissued at version 3 in early 2024 to reflect the latest developments in Asset Management from around the Globe.

Representatives from 12 AM Professional Societies at the GFMAM workshop

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