AMCL NYC Corporate Responsibility Day: Team TLC NYC

The AMCL New York team had their first Corporate Responsibility Day on June 27th and lent their help at Team TLC NYC’s Little Shop of Kindness. Team TLC NYC is an all-volunteer group proudly committed to providing basic needs and support to asylum seekers and migrants, and they were founded in June 2019, a year after the family separation crisis of 2018. Inspired by Team Brownsville in Texas and seeing the lack of resources available in New York City, they sprang into action and thus Team TLC NYC was born. They began their work by greeting migrants at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and brought asylum-seeking families and volunteers together for regular Community Dinners which included “Know Your Rights” sessions, solidarity, fun, and food. 

As of 2023, Team TLC NYC continues to greet traveling migrants, but they now also provide Direct Services to select families in their network and have opened their Little Shop of Kindness. The Little Shop of Kindness is a storefront near Bryant Park where the city’s newest residents can choose from a variety of free clothing, shoes, toiletries, toys, etc.

While volunteering at the shop, the AMCL NY team took on the roles of personal shoppers and sorters. They helped organize donations and restock the merchandise on the floor, while other team members aided asylum seekers in navigating the store and making their selections. The experience was incredibly moving, and AMCL is beyond grateful for the opportunity. Moving forward, AMCL plans to partner with Team TLC NYC and lend more of their time, as well as run donation drives.

"Our experience with Team TLC was incredibly moving, and AMCL is beyond grateful for the opportunity. We're really looking forward to growing this connection and doing more important work with them!"

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If you want to learn more about Team TLC NYC’s cause and how you can lend your support, please visit or contact AMCL’s CSR Coordinator, Kayleigh Watson.