AMCL Client wins ‘Best Paper Award’ at AMPEAK 2024 Conference

PT PLN (Persero), is an Indonesian government-owned corporation that provides power transmission and distribution across Indonesia and generates the majority of the country’s electricity.

PT PLN is a highly valued client of AMCL Southeast Asia. We have provided trusted advice and support in the organization’s Asset Management improvement journey since 2021. Our advisory and business transformation engagement spans improvements across the 39 subjects of the Asset Management Landscape and of the subjects described by the Global Forum of Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM). AMCL has supported PT PLN’s capability uplift across areas such as strategy, investment planning, risk management, and asset information.

Recently PT PLN won the Best Paper award at the 2024 AMPEAK Conference held in South Australia between the 14th and 17th of April. Dr. Herry Nugraha, the EVP Asset Management, Engineering, and Integrated Management System, presented on “The Role of Asset Management to Support Energy Transition in PT PLN (Persero), Indonesia”. PT PLN also presented another paper at the conference – “Development of Transformer Risk Map to Support Investment Planning Decision”.

Dr. Herry is pictured at the center, supported by Dr. Andreas Purnomoadi and Mr. Sofan Hadi.

PT PLN’s paper evaluated the organization’s current Asset Management activities in response to their energy transition agenda. The study applied the IAM’s 6-box model (conceptual scope of asset management) as the role of Asset Management and described good practices against PLN’s efforts. Any gaps identified became opportunities for improvement. The study also provided an understanding of Indonesia’s energy transition context, particularly with PT PLN being the country’s major electricity utility. PLN is taking a key step in mitigating the climate crisis and aims to support a low-carbon economy.

AMCL was credited in the study with providing consultancy advice on energy transition through Asset Management thinking. We are very thankful for the opportunity to support PT PLN in their Asset Management journey and thrilled to see PT PLN win this award, which also happened to be presented on Dr. Herry’s birthday!

Read more from PLN’s Dr. Herry on Linkedin

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