Welcoming the 2022 Graduate Intake

AMCL London head office welcomes the 2022 Graduate Programme intake. Welcome to the team – Ata Samadzadeh, Edward Williams, Beatriz Teixeira, Mohamed Salem, and Miles Pettit (Left to right). They joined the latest UK & Ireland team briefing, meeting new colleagues, and learning about our latest projects and services development. Later this week they will […]

AMCL to discuss Long-Term Infrastructure Decision Making at MainTrain 2022

AMCL’s Sarah Vine will join Imad Khan in presenting the ‘Impact of Electrification on Long-Term Infrastructure Decision-Making’ At PEMAC’s Maintain 2022 conference AMCL will present how the rise in transit electrification and the growth of renewable energy are shaping a new energy era. An era that is changing how we think about infrastructure decision-making and […]