Institute of Water Magazine: Delivering Technology Change to Help Grow Water Company Asset Management Capabilities

AMCL technology change specialist Shyam Ramaiya and water sector lead Matthew McConville published an article in the winter edition of the Institute of Water Magazine. Providing advice around how to leverage the benefits of technology to improve ways of working and Asset Management capability.

AMCL has worked with numerous companies to define and improve their business capabilities. Using our experience to help shape people, processes, data and to supercharge technology implementation – neatly summarised in this magazine article.

From Business Capability Model to Technology Specification, considering clear business scope and needs via aligned Requirements.

To discuss what Technology Change could mean for your organisation, speak to Shyam

Shyam Ramaiya

Senior Consultant


For more information on how we help our clients in the Water Sector, speak to Matt.

Matthew McConville

Principal Consultant