Nick Mildmay-White talks about Asset Management Plans at ‘ISO 55000 and the Future of Asset Management’ conference in Bali

AMCL consultant Nick Mildmay-White delivered a session on Asset Management Plans at the ‘IS055000 and the Future of Asset Management’ conference on the 12th November in Bali, Indonesia.

The ISO 55000 and the Future of Asset Management Conference and Exhibition ran from the 12th – 14th November and was an opportunity to share knowledge and experience on all aspects of physical Asset Management. 

The event specifically embraced the latest thinking from world-leading experts on how to make assets perform better and manage costs in a world of rising overheads, ageing assets and increasing demands from stakeholders. 

Nick’s session focused on Asset Management Plans – one of the fundamental elements of the discipline. But what should they contain, what time period should be covered and is it best to have one or many plans? The session explored the alternative answers to these key questions using examples from different sectors and countries. It also explored the requirements of both PAS 55 and ISO 55000 for Asset Management Plans, and their place in the overall Asset Management System. 

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