ISO 55000 And You

February 2014 marked the publication and implementation of the new family of standards set to reach the parts Asset Management has not already transformed.

The ISO 55000 series, the first internationally recognised standard on Asset Management, may have been introduced in January, but what does this mean for you?

Integration with other standards

The suite of standards closely aligns with other management system guidelines and organisations have the potential to successfully integrate them with other standards, including:

  • ISO 9001 for quality management.
  • ISO 14001 for environmental management.
  • OH SAS for occupational health and safety.
  • ISO 31000 for risk management.

It is also straightforward to migrate your organisation’s standards to ISO 55001, if you had previously been certified or compliant with BSI PAS 55:2008.

There have been numerous transition guides produced to assist your organisation in the effective migration of these standards, but AMCL can explain what’s involved in a short discussion.

Already comfortably compliant with PAS 55?

Good news! Transferring to ISO 55000 compliance is easily achievable if you follow AMCL’s methodology:

  • Some terminology around alignment with organisational objectives has changed, including ‘alignment’ itself, and ‘Strategic Asset Management Plan’ for Asset Management Strategy. These changes make little difference if you have your own terms for key elements and already know how to use them.
  • A bit more on asset information – a bit less on risk; neither should affect what you do. ISO 55000 now directs you to ISO 31000, on risk management; how would your company measure up to that?

Looking at ISO 55000 certification from scratch?

Our advice is think first about how you connect organisational targets and goals to delivery of work in practice. You need to do this via a co-ordinated planning process, and make sure you have an overall strategy for how you want to use asset management.

Confident you are, or soon will be ISO 55000 certified?

Your challenge now then is what lies beyond ISO 55000 compliance… Now it’s time to get really serious about whether your organisation has what it takes to be excellent in asset management.  Certification to PAS 55 or ISO55001 establishes a firm ‘good practice’ foundation upon which to build, but increasing the capability of an organisation towards ‘best appropriate practice’ requires longer-term investment in people, systems and governance.  At AMCL we know how to build the business case for this investment, and deliver a cost-effective approach that manages risk and creates value for all stakeholders…

If you would like to learn more on the new ISO family of asset management standards and what they mean for your organisation, contact us for a discussion.