TNB Melaka achieves PAS 55 compliance with the help of AMEM

AMCL is pleased to be able to congratulate TNB Melaka (Distribution) on their recent performance during their AMEM Certification Assessment where they achieved PAS 55 compliance.

“TNB were very well prepared and have clearly put a great deal of effort into their PAS 55 programme”

Lead Assessor, Ark Wingrove

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is Malaysia’s national power utility, comprising the integrated functions of Generation, Transmission and Distribution. TNB Melaka is one of the States within its Distribution Division; this is the largest division within TNB in terms of the size of its workforce, number of customers served and in the spread and quantity of physical assets.

AMCL’s Asset Management Excellence Model™ (AMEM) is one of the world’s leading assessment methodologies, through which AMCL can assess measure, evaluate and benchmark the Asset Management capability maturity of an organisation. AMEM was the first to be fully aligned with the ’39 subjects’ of the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape as well as PAS 55, and the emerging ISO55000 standard.

“We learned about PAS 55 and strongly believed it will definitely benefit our asset management performance, we then ventured into its programme. Assessment by AMCL was not as easy as expected, however we managed the process very well and felt very proud for being recognised as PAS 55 compliance.Working with AMCL has provided us with a valuable experience. We gained a lot of new things about PAS 55 and the knowledge sharing during the assessment session can definitely assist us in improving some of our processes…”

Lokman Yusoff, from TMB Melaka

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