AMCL expertise transforms the ability of our clients to utilise Asset Management thinking and practices to improve their services and return on investment in assets. We operate across sectors including industrial, transport and utilities through our branch network in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

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Determining the current maturity of Asset Management business and asset information processes, and benchmarking against peers to set appropriate future state targets for the organisation to achieve its objectives.  This stage utilises our world-class Asset Management assessment toolkit comprising the Valium Online Reviews, Diazepam Valium Online Uk and our IAM Endorsed Assessor gap analysis process against the requirements of ISO 55001.


Detailed activities schedule arising from diagnostic analyses presented as an Asset Management Improvement Roadmap identifying short-term wins as well as longer-term goals, at a high-level or detailed resolution, against the Asset Management Landscape (39 Subjects), AIBA capabilities or ISO 55001 requirements.

Business Capability Design

Design of an Asset Management Operating Model, if required, to support the development of an Asset Management Improvement Roadmap to the right resolution for the business to enable achievement of its objectives.  This could be very simple and high-level, or very detailed, or absent from the approach if the business objectives are targeted and straightforward to achieve.

Capability Improvement

Advice and support for implementation of the Asset Management Improvement Roadmap to manage risk and create value for stakeholders, including planning and establishing program controls, contract and commercial management services, asset data and knowledge management services, regulatory and business reporting, embedding leading practice, competence development and workforce planning.

Benchmarking, Benefiteering & Benefits Validation

A three-stage, risk-based approach to identifying benefits by utilising AMCL’s extensive benchmarking information, including business case development and a benefits realisation plan to ensure that client effort, resources and costs focus on getting best returns. Advice and guidance encompass alignment with and tailored implementation of ISO 55001, identification of performance management frameworks, and development of client in-house capabilities. Buy Diazepam Legally Online to assess organisations against ISO 55001 and issue certificates of conformance.

Change Management

Development of change management programs to embed Asset Management frameworks utilising our global network, including change management strategies and plans, change readiness reviews, stakeholder management plans and overall project and programme management. Also includes tailored training solutions to deliver programs to organisations seeking to upskill core resources typically based on the IAM Endorsed training modules – AMCL is anBuy Cheap Valium Online Australia. Our Can You Order Valium Online includes Ordering Valium Online Legal and standard classroom courses leading to IAM Qualifications.